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wedding stationery on seeded paper

Plantable Wedding Invitations

Being green has always been a priority. And using sustainable products is important to me. So I’m really excited to say I’ve sourced some cool paper and you can choose to send your guests a plantable wedding invitation suite. We now offer eco-friendly wedding invitations printed on seeded paper. You can give a little life to your guests’ garden with a pillowy, recycled paper that’s seeded and ready to grow. Choose a non-invasive wildflower seed mix that varies but usually includes Catchfly, Black Eyed Susan, Baby Blue Eyes, Sweet Alyssum and Siberian Wallflower or something from the edible collection featuring a wide selection of different herbs and veggies—even catnip seeds for our feline loving couples.

Our eco-friendly paper is available with cut or deckle edges and is made from post-consumer waste and dyed only with all-natural vegetable dyes. And we stick to the most eco-friendly printing methods for all our stationery, using inks and press cleaning practices that are friendly to our planet.

Take a look at the variety of color available in our Love Blooms™ plantable seeded paper collection on the customizations page. With so many to choose from the design possibilities are endless.

You can choose one of the semi-custom designs here, or opt for a completely custom designed plantable wedding invitation suite that is all your own. Learn more about the custom design process by visiting this page.

xoxo lynn