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Fulfilling Wedding Invitation Dreams

It’s the day you’ve been dreaming of all your life. Let’s make your visions reality.

In our digital society, the pause evoked by a beautifully curated piece of mail is rare—the happy gift, finding a lovely wedding invitation peeking out of the mailbox amongst the pile of bills and junk mail. Our passion, the intentional and thoughtful process of creating small works of fine art—the prologue to one of the happiest days of a couple’s life. Using only the finest methods and materials—century-old letterpresses creating timeless and tactile print impressions, artfully sourced papers and hand-dyed silk ribbon, punctuated with a hand-poured and stamped wax seal. The tiny details that set the tone and create excited anticipation for a magnificent event, an heirloom that your guests are excited to receive—your wedding invitation is the pride of The Bridal Press.

You’ve dreamt of this day for a lifetime. Doesn’t your wedding deserve a piece of fine art to set the tone?


Lose yourself in our beautifully-curated collection of semi custom suites. Shop the designs created for those looking for artisan quality without the investment required for a custom design.


For those who dream in colors others can’t image, custom packages incorporate everything unique about your day. Handmade paper, letterpress, foil, your wedding aesthetic is our palette.


A fully integrated aesthetic carries your invitation suite design throughout your wedding day. From thoughtfully coordinated ceremony programs and signs to menus and place cards.

semi custom wedding packages
custom wedding invitation packages
day of paper and signs

We care about the environment

At every step we take special considerations to ensure we’re doing what we can to be good stewards for the planet. We strive daily to be environmentally friendly and worthy fellow earth dwellers.

  • We print our wedding invitations on a refurbished century-old, human-powered printing press, and our web servers run entirely on wind-generated power.
  • We use 100% cotton paper made from by-product from clothing manufacturing—cotton papers also require fewer chemicals in manufacturing and produces less waste than other papers. Occasionally we use wood pulp papers, however only those made from recycled materials.
  • We use soy-based inks and clean our presses using no harsh chemicals—just alcohol and Crisco. Yup, though we don’t advise it, what we clean our presses with is entirely edible.