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Plantable Wedding Invitations

Being green has always been a priority. And using sustainable products is important to me. So I’m really excited to say I’ve sourced some cool paper and you can choose to send your guests a plantable wedding invitation suite. We now offer eco-friendly wedding invitations printed on seeded paper. You can give a little life to your guests’ garden with a pillowy, recycled paper that’s seeded and ready to grow. Choose a non-invasive wildflower seed mix that varies but usually includes Catchfly, Black Eyed Susan, Baby Blue Eyes, Sweet Alyssum and Siberian Wallflower or something from the edible collection featuring a wide selection of different herbs and veggies—even catnip seeds for our feline loving couples.

custom invitation details

Your Wedding Stationery Timeline

We all know that orchestrating a wedding can become overwhelming. And I get asked all the time, “When do you mail out wedding invitations?” So the key to keeping the stress under control is to create a wedding stationery timeline plan and stay with it. If you plan to work with a custom stationery boutique your timeline will be a little different that if you plan to buy “off the shelf.” Though we’re a Southern California based wedding stationer, we work with clients internationally and are happy to work with you wherever you may be.

garden wedding invitation suite

Garden Wedding in Julian, California

When I think of wedding shoots there are a few that always come to mind first. For me it was love at first sight with the garden wedding palette of white and green—the simplicity let the beauty of the stunning couple shine. The delicate florals were a perfect backdrop for the dreamy, glam table setting atop the rustic table, shot at Quiet Oak Manor in Julian, California.

hand painted invitations

Game of Thrones and a Wedding Dog

Once upon a time there was a show that inspired many weddings and bridal shoots, and I had the pleasure of providing the wedding stationery for one of them. At that time using the dark, rich colors wasn’t something I was accustomed to—but I loved the outcome. So why would I not blog about it? In fact, I’ll make it my first post.